Natural floor coverings like sisal rugs have been an important trend this season, incorporating practicality and beauty with environmental sustainability. As the market becomes increasingly eco-savvy, these kinds of materials are increasing in popularity and will remain a strong seller well into the 2019 season.

For this blog edition, we take a closer look at our popular Erika Sisal range.

Sisal is a woody herb with a rosette of spiny leaves shaped like a sword, measuring up to 2 metres long. Native to southern Mexico and widely cultivated in many countries, the fibre of the Sisal plant is strong and durable – the ideal choice for contemporary settings and busy households.

The beauty and strength of Sisal is found in its rugged good looks and eco-friendly nature. It is produced with minimal – if any – pesticides, is fully biodegradable and is made from sustainable resources.

Sisal rugs can readily absorb dyes to give a variety of colours or looks great in its natural form. It is non-toxic, sound absorbent, anti-static and resists dirt particles, making it a fantastic choice for families with allergy concerns.

It also contains natural tannins, also found in tea and red wine, which controls the growth of bacteria, fungi and dust mites.

While your sisal rug will create a healthy indoor humidity, its tendency to absorb moisture means that it is the ideal choice for hallways, living and lounge rooms rather than bathrooms or areas with high levels of moisture.

Our Erika Sisal range also features a latex backing, providing stability and eliminating the need for a separate rug underlay.

Caring for your Sisal rug

Natural fibre floor coverings are relatively easy to maintain because dirt does not cling to the hard fibres, but rests loosely in the weave.

Visible and loose dirt should be vacuumed with a brush-suction vacuum. We recommend vacuuming your rug from different directions, making several passes over the area. Although the dirt may not be visible, this frequent and regular vacuuming will increase the life of your sisal rug. Always use the standard floor head, never the rotating brush

You may also like to rotate your rug every other week, especially if it is in a sunny area of the house.

Due to the nature of the Sisal fibre, it tends to absorb moisture readily. To avoid watermarks, spills must be cleaned up immediately with an absorbent white cloth and dried immediately with a hairdryer, or fan or cat litter. Professional rug cleaning recommended.

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