Hand Braided

Materials are braided by hand and stitched together into the desired shape. This results in a desirable organic look and feel, and allows for a variety of textures. Hand braided rugs may appear less uniform in shape than other hand made rugs, as they are not made on a fixed loom. They will be flat woven and reversible.
Price point: entry level


Hand Knotted

A skilled weaver will work from a loom, individually tying each knot through the backing. Hand knotted rugs are the most prestigious rug style, and are of the highest quality and durability.
Price point: designer


Hand Loomed 

The fabric is handwoven or braided by hand onto a loom. This gives the rug more structure and form than a hand braided or hand woven rug, and a more uniform size.
Price point: mid range


Hand Tufted

This method uses a tufting "gun" which is operated by hand, punching strands of fibre into a canvas that is stretched across a frame.
Many hand tufted rugs are also hand carved, where the artisan will use large scissors to define the borders of elements within the design.
Price point: mid range to designer


Machine Made Rugs

Machine made rugs are made on a fixed loom, with a complex system of threads being mechanically woven into a strong yet thin backing. Also known as "power loomed" or "machine loomed" rugs, they come in a wide array of qualities and styles. The machinery stretches across huge factories, making production quick and cost effective. This results in a product with a more uniform and consistent design.
Price point: entry level to designer