Microseal Fabric Protection

Rug Size

MicroSeal is a one time premium rug protection treatment that we can arrange to have done in your home at a time that is suitable to you. Simply select the size of your rug and add to your shopping cart. If the size you are after is not available, please select the size nearest. We will have a member of the MicroSeal team contact you to arrange a day and time to treat your rug. 

MicroSeal fabric and textile protection is a unique multi- dimensional product,which resists stains, sun fade, wear, mould & mildew.

MicroSeal fabric protection is anti-static & will reduce smoke and flame spread in the event of a fire.

MicroSeal is made with Nanotechnology & will not change the texture or colour of what it is applied to. Unlike Coater type fabric protection which can cause yellowing and change fabric texture.  

MicroSeal offers Permanent Stain Resistance - Will survive up to 9 professional cleanings before any reapplication is necessary

MicroSeal offers Permanent Sun Fade Resistance - Significant on most fabrics.

MicroSeal fabric protection increases Fabric Life - Up to 60% more resistance to wear and abrasion.

MicroSeal Seals all Fabrics & Carpets - Wools, Cottons, Silk, Suedes & Leather.

MicroSeal Penetrates & Seals Fibres Only - It won't seal in dirt or stains.

MicroSeal is Non Toxic & Non Allergenic - No Flourochemicals or PTFE Resin (non-stick)

MicroSeal is NOT water based so will not cause shrinkage or adversely effect cellulosic textile and rug fibres.

    *Will survive up to 9 professional cleaning services on the rug before reapplication is needed