Pets and Rugs are a threatening combination, wouldn’t you agree? However, who doesn’t like to dress up their home with stylish rugs, colourful weaves and trendy runners? Many people own pets these days, which can often mean random stains, fur everywhere, an embarrassing odour that lingers on your favourite rug a little too long, and a general buzz kill that can spoil your mood.

Luckily, there is a solution. Let’s take a look at how we can keep both you and your lovely pets happy, whilst maintaining a floor worth showing off. Our guideline below will help you choose the most pet friendly rugs. (You can also find our selection of pet friendly options here).


Your favourite paws (even trimmed ones) can easily get caught and hooked on looped rugs. These include many of the trendy Scandinavian designs which, although look great, may not last long in your pet friendly home.


Jute and sisal varieties are durable but, sadly, not easily cleaned, whereas cotton rugs are both a comfortable option for your pets and fine with a wash. However, they can be susceptible to a chew! Wool fibres are also great, but as mentioned above, remember to keep away from the weave varieties mentioned above.

We highly recommend polypropylene rugs, as they are virtually chew-and-scratch proof, can withstand heavy foot traffic, rough play, and sustain a thorough clean!

Pile Height 

Looped and fluffy rugs feel marvellous underfoot, but opting for a low pile rug is the smarter choice in a pet household. High-pile rugs (like those used for shag rugs) can trap pet hair and dander, which exacerbates allergies and lowers your home’s air quality. That said, if you have your heart set on a high-pile rug, be sure to clean or have it cleaned regularly.


Another major consideration when choosing a pet-friendly rug is the colour or pattern. Not only will your rug’s colour change slightly under different lights, some colours hide dirt and pet hair much better than others. Your first instinct may be to choose a dark coloured rug to hide dirt, but this doesn’t work if your pet has white or light-coloured hair. Light-coloured rugs will show up stains more, but they can hide pet hair far better.

When it comes to pet-friendly rug designs, pattern and colour combinations are definitely your friend. Rugs with different colours are great at hiding small stains, while repeating patterns and distressed/transitional designs will disguise footprints and pet hair.

Final Note

By following these guidelines when picking your pet friendly rug, you can ensure your floors are not only beautiful, but allow both you and your pet to relax, safe in the knowledge that you chose the right rug to suit both of your needs. Remember that pet friendly is not 100% pet-proof (although it’s pretty close!); excessive scratching or incessant chewing may still cause damage to your rug if your pet is determined enough…

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