Shedding is when the fibres fall out from them rug, or stick out from the rug in tufts. If you have just bought a wool rug and have shedding issues with the rug, don’t be alarmed. Shedding is very normal as all woollen rugs shed to some degree. It is not a sign of poor quality or manufacturing errors.

What can be done to reduce shedding?

  1. Review cleaning methods
    Vacuuming is a major cause of shedding. While you will want to keep your rug clean, you will also need to consider the impact that this action has on your rug. A vacuum can be very strong and it can harshly manipulate the rug that you are trying so hard to protect.

    Vacuuming will pull the fibres away from the rug and cause them to shed even more. If you do need to vacuum, avoid using a strong level of suction, and try using a hand held suction piece, so that you do not put too much pressure on your rug than you need to.
  1. Use a Rug Underlay
    A rug underlay will help soften the impact of people walking across the rug. It is like a cushion that sits between your rug and the floor reducing any unnecessary friction that could lend itself to shedding.
  1. Trim
    If necessary, and where able, you can try trimming the tufts with a pair of scissors. The will take care of the any pile that is sticking up in the corner. This will give it the even finish that it needs.
  2. Turn
    Rotating the rug regularly will ensure that the rug gets even wear. This will give life to your rug and is very simple to do.

If you care for it well, you can enjoy the comfort of a woollen rug and minimise shedding for years to come.

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