A rug is the ultimate finishing touch to any room. A floor without a rug is like a night without stars: you might not always see them, but it looks incomplete if they’re not there.
That’s why choosing the best companion for your floor shouldn’t be a decision you take lightly. So, what should you be asking yourself before you commit to buying?
We’ve put together a handy check-list for you below.
How much space do you have?
Is your room square, rectangular, long or unevenly shaped? Are you looking for a simple runner for your hallway, a round rug to sit under your coffee table, or perhaps a Persian rug that covers your whole floor space? Whatever it is, be sure to take out a tape measure and write down some approximate guidelines. Any rug you choose should touch furniture and avoid a ‘floating’ look. A good website will have all their sizes available in a drop-down menu, so be sure to filter your search before you begin browsing.
What is your budget?
Are you looking for daring designer rugs or the best cheap rugs Melbourne has to offer? Perhaps it’s somewhere in-between and you want to check out your options? As a general rule, most websites will have sub-sections for you to browse through. Yet, even if you’re on a budget, this doesn’t mean you have to forgo quality. There will be many deals, sales and bargains at your fingertips, so be sure to shop around before committing.
Will it match your room?
When it comes to picking a rug, matching it to the room is crucial. For example, if you’re looking for a rug to go in the kitchen, you’ll want one that is hard wearing and easy to clean, whereas if you’re looking for a rug to go in your bedroom, you can opt for a softer option like a shaggy rug.
Shape is also important. Round rugs look great under circular dining tables for example, whilst rectangular rugs look best next to or under furniture.
Another thing to consider is the colour and pattern of any rug you choose. If you want it to make a statement, add a pop of colour or merely double up as insulation, make sure it matches the colour of your walls and the personality you want to express.
What material should you choose?
Do you have children, pets or enough time for maintenance? It’s good to know how much effort you’ll have to put in to ensure your rug lasts. Choosing the right material for your home is imperative and will save you time and hassle long term. For example, acrylic, polypropylene and most wool fibres are hardwearing materials that are easy to maintain and clean, whist viscose and cotton are more delicate fibres. Sisal and jute are very hardwearing, although shouldn’t get wet, so wouldn’t be suitable for bathrooms or kitchens.
Where to buy?
Rugs online, rugs in store, even rugs bought on a market are all options these days. But where is best to buy? We suggest you shop around and make sure that if you’re looking to buy rugs in Australia, be it Persian rugs online or all the modern rugs Melbourne has to offer, you find a website with plenty of options, fair prices, good delivery times and a decent returns policy (7 days money back at a minimum).
For our selection of rugs, check out our website here.

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