Buying rugs online is now the industry standard. So, if you’re looking for the perfect finishing touch to your home, you may have come up against an abundance of websites offering even more abundant options; and with so much choice, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for, be it an area rug, a Persian rug or even a patio rug, right? Right.
But how do you choose who and where to buy from? How can you ensure quality at affordable prices? You can’t see the rug’s true colours. You can’t touch them and feel their quality. You have to be able to trust the website and the seller, hoping your faith pays off with a rug that fits into your home like it was made to be there.
So, what should you look for? 
Check where it comes from
Where your product is made is an important consideration in terms of quality. For example, if you’re looking for an authentic Persian rug, make sure they’re sourced from reputable countries of origin, such as Turkey or India who are known to make the best rugs. These rugs will likely last longer or at the very least become nicely distressed over time - hello vintage rugs!
It’s worth looking at where the company is based too. If you’re in Australia, choosing an Australian based company will have better and less expensive shipping options.
Are they an ethical company?
It’s not always easy to tell, but some basic research should make it obvious they’re a company worth buying from. Is their website secure? Do they source products for a fair trade? Do they sponsor any charities? Are they based in a country with worker’s rights? Can you email them to ask questions about the product before buying it? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you’re likely in good hands.
What is your budget?
From designer rugs to the best cheap rugs, your budget will define the quality you’re going to end up with. But a smaller budget doesn’t mean you have to forgo quality. Many websites offer a sale or clearance section, which will have rugs with all the quality and less of the overspend.
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Do they have full, naturally lit photos of their rugs?
As a buyer, you want the photo to match the product as closely as possible. Things to look for when browsing rugs online is to make sure the photos have been taken with natural lighting and you’re seeing the full product. Remember, your screen resolution might not be the same as the website you’re buying from, so make a few allowances before committing.
What is the delivery time and returns policy?
Delivery times shouldn’t take weeks on end, unless there’s a reason for it, i.e. stock issues or import lead times. Most delivery times should be between 3 – 14 days.
Make sure you read and ask about any money back or returns policies. They should be located in the FAQ section of any website. A good money-back deal is around 7 days.
Make sure you have options
The general rule is: the more choice you have, the better the designs, quality and chances of finding your perfect rug. There’s no point buying from an online store with standard or basic options unless they’re selling vintage rugs. Most online rugs stores will have a plethora of options to help you choose wisely and stress free.
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